We are pleased to announce our class schedule for Winter/Spring 2013. We are including a class requested by many of our former students.
FEBRUARY 20 BASIC BREAD BAKING This class will cover the mixing, proofing, shaping and baking of three types of bread using straight, yeasted doughs. You will receive recipes, be shown how to measure and incorporate ingredients using a mixer and by hand, and be given a chance to shape different types of bread. The class is long, so you will have the opportunity to ask any questions relating to bread making. You will leave with all the skills and information necessary to make bread in your own home, as well as three loaves you have crafted yourself!
FEBRUARY 27 BREAD BAKING WITH STARTERS AND SOURDOUGHS This class covers breads made with pre-ferments and sourdough. We will discuss the uses of and reasons for pre-ferments. We’ll mix and shape doughs. You’ll see different types of pre-ferments and starters and learn how they affect breads. We will discuss how to create a sourdough starter and how to keep it healthy. You will be given a sample of our sourdough starter (Barm), as well as breads you have shaped yourself
MARCH 6 SOUPS AND THE BREADS THAT GO WITH THEM A new class for us, we’ll cover making stocks, building flavor and using substitutions to create your own favorite soups. We will include basic recipes for clear and creamy soups, and will make at least one (possibly more) types of bread perfect for pairing with soups.

The fine print:
All classes require an advance enrollment of a minimum of fifteen participants, and will unfortunately be cancelled if that requirement isn’t met. However, this has not happened in the past. All hands-on classes are limited to twenty people (that’s all the table space we have). Payments for the classes must be made at the time of registration. Payments can be made in cash, check or by credit card in the bakery, or by check through the mail (though space cannot be guaranteed until the check has cleared), or by phone with a credit card. Each class is seventy-five dollars. We will pay for your parking in the North Market lot. Call us at 614-224-9910 to register or for more information.

Omega at Easton Farmers Market

This summer (for the next 16 weeks), we are going to the Easton Farmers Market. Thursdays from 3:00 to 7:00, rain or shine, we will be in the market with breads, pretzel rolls, cinnamon rolls, croissant and whatever else we decide to take. There are fifty vendors sellling produce, baked goods, wonderful handmade pasta, plants, chutneys and preserves, crafts, candy and so much more. Here’s their web address for more information . They also have a demo tent, and information on home canning. Have a look, and if you are around, come and visit us.

Easton Farmers Market (North aisle)


One a penny, two a penny…we have Hot Cross Buns on Friday and Saturday! We also have Omega Eggs (like our Omega cakes, chocolate cake egg filled with Swiss buttercream and covered with Belgian Chocolate, but these are beautifully decorated by Martha). Easter also brings our Coconut Snowballs (three layers of coconut cake sandwiched with coconut pastry cream, covered with buttercream and coconut). Martha is also making a 3-layer Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese frosting. And don’t forget to pick up some Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast on Easter morning!

Baking Class Schedule February & March 2011

FEBRUARY 23   BASIC BREAD BAKING   This class will cover the mixing, proofing, shaping and baking of three types of bread using straight, yeasted doughs.   You will receive recipes, be shown how to measure and incorporate ingredients using a mixer and by hand, and be given a chance to shape different types of bread which you will  take home.

MARCH 2   INTERMEDIATE BREAD BAKING   This class covers breads made with pre-ferments and sourdough.  You will learn the reasons for using starters and how to manipulate them to make bread baking fit into any schedule.  You will receive a sample of our sourdough starter (Barm), and will shape and bake your own breads.

MARCH 16   BREAKFAST AND BRUNCH BAKING   In this class, we will cover basic recipes for some of the most popular breakfast items made without yeast (scones, quick breads, etc.) along with variations.  We will discuss the purpose of the different ingredients and how they can be used to create your own versions. 

All classes start at 6:45pm in the bakery, and last at least 3 hours.  Cost is $65 per person.  Call or come in to register.

If you go to our Facebook page and ‘like’ us, you will be entered in a drawing to win ONE FREE CLASS!

Omega Artisan Baking featured in Columbus Underground

Omega Artisan Baking Still Going Strong

Columbus Underground | By Walker | November 30, 2009 8:30am

Amy Lozier opened Omega Artisan Baking in the North Market a little over six years ago, and she still remains extremely excited about her business venture. “Once I start talking about bread, it’s hard to get me to stop,” she stated last week prior to an interview on the topic. We sat down to discuss the evolution of her business over the course of those six years, but Amy also provided some great information and resources for other aspiring entrepreneurs.

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